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A Short Version of our Election Program

Affordable Housing!

Augsburg is among Germany’s top cities when it comes to rent increases.  The amount of available social housing has continually decreased for the past 20 years. We believe that each person has a right to an apartment with heat and electricity. To ensure this we need an additional 20,000 affordable apartments at a rent of 5 Euros per square meter (not including utilities).

Free Local Public Transport!

Other cities are actively seeking better solutions to the problem of how to manage their current traffic issues. Augsburg on the other hand, has recently increased prices for public transportation. The new public transportation flat-rate is much too expensive, and the free “City-Zone” hardly improves the situation. This city belongs to all of us. That is why we demand free public transport for everyone, and better bus and streetcar connections in all city districts. An attractive city center should be completely car free.

Respect and Good Jobs!

Augsburg is the poorest city in Bavaria and a leader in temporary employment. For many families, going to the cinema has long since become a luxury that they can no longer afford. We say: We cannot stand by and accept ever increasing poverty because jobs are being destroyed in Augsburg. We demand that municipal contracts are only awarded to regional companies bound by collective bargaining agreements.

Environment. A living and breathing city!

Climate change is a real threat to humankind. It is our goal to supply Augsburg from 100% renewable energy sources. Trees and parks are “Augsburg’s lungs.” Instead of cutting down ever more trees, Augsburg must finally change its thinking and find a way to create more parks and green areas. We demand the proclamation of a climate crisis.

Education – Free from the very beginning!

Currently there are about 500 fewer child day-care slots than needed. We demand a more extensive day-care system and free day care for all. The municipal schools have also been grossly neglected and are currently in a miserable state. We say: education must be free – from the cradle to university.

More Self-determination!

We want to make it easier for you to get involved in city politics and have more self-determination. That’s why we seek to introduce city district committees. We say: citizens must be able to vote on the municipal budget and make suggestions.

Health and Good Medical Care!

We say: each person – independent of monetary means, place of residence, or place of origin, has a right to good medical care. For this reason we demand more and better paid staff in all municipal health-care facilities. Cost-cutting measures at the expense of either staff or patients are unacceptable. In addition, we must create preventative and counseling services in all city districts.

Culture for Everyone!

We say: municipal policy must provide a wide range of cultural offers for everyone. For this reason, we demand free entry to municipal museums and exhibitions. While there are no funds for cultural education, the refurbishing costs for the city theater are getting out of hand. An open and livable city is sustained by independent creative artists. Augsburg needs more affordable workshops, rehearsal and studio spaces.


Resolutely against any Kind of Discrimination!

We say: discrimination based on color, religion, (social) origin, sex, and sexual orientation must stop. For this reason, we demand the creation of an anti-discrimination office and a binding quota for all municipal committees.